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5 Incredible River Cruises That Will Have You Booking Your Next Trip

5 Incredible River Cruises That Will Have You Booking Your Next Trip

River cruises have become a popular vacation choice for many people with good reason. Some river cruise vacations are the pinnacle of luxury travel. With only a handful of passengers, you enjoy flavourful decadent meals, exotic destinations, impressive entertainment and spacious staterooms. 

Winding your way down a picturesque stretch of calm water, surrounded by lush greenery, and rich historical landmarks taking in the sights and sounds of nature and culture—there are few things as relaxing, or as luxurious as a river cruise through Europe, Asia, or Egypt.

If you’re looking for the perfect getaway, here are five incredible river cruises that you’ll want to book.

The Nile River of Egypt

The Nile is the longest river in the world and also one of the most beautiful. Take a scenic journey down the Nile River in Egypt and soak up everything this ancient land has to offer. Through this journey along the Nile River, you will uncover the mysteries of a former era when you explore the legendary temples and tombs of Luxor, gaze upon the colossal statues at Karnak, and behold the magical Valley of Kings—where kings were buried for millennia. Whether you’re exploring ancient temples, and pyramids or taking an evening camel ride across the desert sands while the sun sets on the horizon, you’ll never forget your trip down this famous river and the rich culture and picturesque destinations.

The Seine River in France

The Seine River is a canvas of beauty and history. Uncover the art and culture of Paris and beyond as you cruise along France’s Seine River. Marvel at the Parisian buildings immortalised by French Impressionist painters, visit castles and cathedrals and take in the beauty of your surroundings at every turn. With an all-encompassing cruise and land journey, you’ll have ample time to explore popular tourist attractions as well as hidden gems. At the end of your journey, you’re sure to have beautiful memories that will last a lifetime! Visit our blog for more information about the Seine.

The Rhine River in Germany

The Rhine River, with its regal influence and legendary beauty, is one of the most iconic waterways in Europe. This mighty river runs through five European countries, including Switzerland, France and Germany. Its most vibrant stretch flows through Germany’s Rhineland region, where it passes mediaeval towns like Koblenz and Rüdesheim. 

Dotted along the way are dozens of Renaissance-era castles and fortresses built by German royalty. Among them are Marksburg Castle in Braubach (Germany’s only intact hilltop castle) and Rheinfels Castle in St. Goar, which was once the largest fortress on the entire Rhine River. If you enjoy the rich history of castles of old, the people that once inhabited them then this is a river cruise worth booking. Visit our blog post for more information on The Rhine.

The Danube River, The longest river in Europe

Europe’s Danube River begins in Germany, flowing through 10 picturesque countries and four iconic capital cities – Budapest, Hungary; Vienna, Austria; Bratislava, Slovakia; and Belgrade, Serbia. The portion of the waterway stretching southeast from Budapest is known as the Lower Danube and showcases the lesser-visited countries of Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania.

In addition to these fascinating and rich destinations, the Lower Danube encompasses a plethora of UNESCO World Heritage Sites including seven cultural sites and three natural sites (two of which are shared with Austria). These include the Iron Gates gorge on the Serbian-Romanian border, which is listed as a natural site due to its immense biodiversity. Visit the mediaeval town of Sighisoara in Transylvania (Romania), which was founded by German craftsmen and merchants in the 12th century. Also visit Pannonhalma Archabbey in Hungary, a Benedictine monastery founded in 996 AD that is one of Europe’s oldest historical monuments. Visit our blog post for more information on the Danube River.

The Douro River in Portugal

This is a river that breathes life into Old-World villages, picturesque cities, and beautiful natural lush scenery. Douro is the birthplace of Port wine, a delicacy that has attracted tourists for centuries. The only way to truly discover the heart of Portugal is to float down the Douro River. Because this river is so pivotal to Portuguese culture, you have to stop off in Porto while you experience the sights, sounds and tastes of old-world Portugal.

Explore glorious waterways that have shaped much of modern civilization and discover the stories of each historic town along the way. When considering your next great adventure, add a river cruise like the ones listed above to your bucket list!

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