Vacations for Canadians

Everyone knows how to go online and search for cruises. Anyone can book online with a click of a button. But do you know what you are buying? Do you have all the information available? Are you getting the best VALUE for your hard-earned money?  


Before you book your next cruise online, I challenge you to pick up phone or send an email to jason@vacationsforcandians.com

What Are the Best & Worst Things That Can Happen if You Contact Me?

The Worst:

I am unable to beat the price or promotion you are looking at. But I can match it every time!


The Best:

1. I have access to group space and have a much lower price than booking direct.

2. I match the price and have access to additional promotions like on board credit, upgrades, specialty dining options, prepaid gratuities, discount promotional codes, etc.

3. I can offer a complementary upgrade or perhaps for a nominal price increase a much better cabin location.

4. Once booked, the price is locked in, if the price goes down, I can re-price your cruise for the lower price up to the final payment date.

5. I have years of personal knowledge and experience that I can share to make your cruise a trip of a lifetime. It is not always just about the price. It’s about the EXPERIENCE!

Imagine This...

You go online and find an amazing deal and before you are ready to enter your credit card information, you pick up the phone and call me. The price you are looking at is $1500, and this is for a guarantee inside cabin where you do not even get to choose your cabin location. We happen to have group space on this same ship and sailing date. I can offer you a Balcony Cabin, Midship for $1400. You just saved $100 dollars and your experience just changed from an inside “closet feeling like cabin” on deck 1 front of the ship cabin to deck 8, midship “spacious ocean-view cabin with a BALCONY!!!


The day of your cruise, you open the door of your cabin to find a welcome aboard package that has a $50.00 on board credit coupon to spend on anything you wish.


Your cruise-holiday also comes with an invitation to two specialty restaurants on board free of charge. 


In the same coupon book is an offer for 300 free internet minutes, $50.00 of shore excursion credits and much more.

cruise ship balcony

It Can Happen!

If you have made it this far into my blog, you are probably sitting back thinking “yeah right, a chance in a million.”


What if I told you, Vacations For Canadians offers this ALL THE TIME!

All you need to do is email or call before you enter your credit card into an online booking program.

The Travel Advisor Secret

Every vacation, every booking has a commission built into the base fare. When you book online you are paying that commission to the host of that website, when you call the cruise line directly, you are paying that same commission, however, it is to the cruise line. When you book with me, I am getting that commission.


Why Should That Matter to you?

We work hard for our money and vacation time. Why not get the most bang for your buck? The truth is it’s not always about the price. It is about the VALUE and more importantly the EXPERIENCE. I have hundreds of specials coming across my desk everyday. By getting to know you I can recommend the best cruise line, cruise ship and itinerary that best fits you!

Know Before You Book & Know Before You Go!

Why book with a cruise-specialist like me?

1. I have hundreds of specials coming across my desk everyday. I can keep an eye out for a special itinerary, price, promotion etc.


2. If you have any difficulty on your trip, you won’t have to sit on hold all day to get it solved. That’s what a travel advisor is for.

Knowledge is Power and Power is Experience

I sell cruises because I love cruising and I want to share my experiences with everyone. Why not book with someone who has been there, done that.!?


So before you click “purchase”,  reach out to a cruise specialist like me. I promise in return honesty, respect, transparency and a cruise of a lifetime. I know where the deal is at!