Vacations for Canadians

We have all been there. We click “buy me” or call into the cruise line and purchase a cruise and then sit back and wonder, “Did I get the best deal”? The answer is most often no. Vacations for Canadians holds group space on hundreds of cruises that offer potentially better rates and perks. You’ll also have the added benefit of an experienced travel advisor managing your reservation.

What is Group Space?

We understand that there may be some confusion when we talk about booking into our group space, so let me explain what it is.


Type 1: The inventory available was held years ago and locked in at a lower rate than today’s prevailing rates. This inventory may come with perks like discounted cruise fares, upgrades, specialty dining or onboard credit. You do not know the other clients travelling within this group, but it doesn’t matter because you get to take advantage of the perks anyway.


Type 2: You have a group of 10 or more people planning to travel and have reached out to us and locked in a special promotion available only to your group. This inventory also may come with perks like on board credit, upgrades and most importantly a lower price than booking directly with the cruise line. Maybe you are planning a wedding, or a family reunion. This is a perfect opportunity to secure group space.

How Do I Transfer My Booking & What's In It For Me?

Simply email sales@vacationsforcanadians.com.  Most cruise lines require you do this within 15-30 days of you booking your cruise with them.

What’s in it for you?

Group Space Benefits

If we have group space, you may get additional travel perks like on board credit, upgrades, specialty dining offers and much more.

Travel Professional

Your booking is in good hands with an experienced cruise agent. We know the ins and outs of the industry. Check out this article:  Seven Reasons Why We Appreciate Travel Advisors.

It Can Happen!

The truth is this happens every day. It may not always be free money, but the travel perks do make a world of a difference. Our price will never be more than the cruise line direct (Our Meet or Beat Guarantee) Transfer your booking over to us today and we will help you get the most out of your vacation and your money.