Vacations for Canadians

As I disembarked from my double cruise, the first on Royal Caribbean Navigator of the Seas and the second on Celebrity Silhouette, I reflected on what I have learned about both cruise lines.  While I have sailed on both of these ships before, it was quite eye-opening to see the direct differences between these two cruise lines when sailed back to back.

The Atmosphere

This is where the two cruise lines differed greatly.  The Navigator was fun-filled, high energy and always had activity taking place.  The Silhouette had a quieter, more serene, much chiller vibe.

The Food

Both cruise lines had great food.  I would suggest, though, that Celebrity’s food was a notch above Royal Caribbean’s.  They were both excellent when dealing with dietary requirements.

The Ship

Although the Navigator had only 1,000 more passengers, it felt like many more.  The Silhouette had very few lines and elevators were always readily available. 

The Spaces

The Silhouette is well-described by Celebrity’s tagline…Modern Luxury.  Sophisticated spaces were found everywhere.  The Promenade on the Navigator had breathtaking views and was inviting and wide open.

The Passengers

True to the stereotypes of the two cruise lines, the Navigator was much more family-friendly with many multi-generational families, whilst the Silhouette had few children with the majority of the passengers being adults.

The Service

Royal Caribbean was very good at streamlining their service.  Celebrity had a much more personalized approach which was more easily accomplished as the Silhouette had fewer passengers onboard.

The Nightlife

Endless options were found on the Navigator, whether it was a Broadway-type show, ISkate show, or party at Lime and Coconut.  The Silhouette had theatrical shows, Cirque-type shows and a really fun Silent Disco.

The Kids

From the Laser Tag, Escape Room, Flow Rider, Waterslides, Kids’ Clubs, etc., there were many options for kids, teens and pre-teens to engage in on the Navigator.  The Silhouette had a specialized kids’ program based upon STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) that many of the kids on board chose to join.

Other differences between Royal Caribbean and Celebrity were found in the staterooms, buffets, itineraries and more.  


Which cruise line and ship is best for you?  Cruise lines can vary quite dramatically from one another.  Even ships within the same cruise line can be very different.  A Specialized Cruise Travel Agent can complete all of the necessary research on your behalf to help you decide which cruise line and ship will best meet your specific needs and preferences.   


Yours in cruising, Teena