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Oceania Cruises - Client Review

Guest post by Sharon Cameron

Sunset over Tahiti taken from angle onboard Oceania cruise

We recently travelled for the first time on Oceania Regatta in French Polynesia and Hawaii. We were originally booked on a Windstar cruise however this great deal appeared on the VFC Facebook page and we spoke to our agent, Teena Dowd, about which cruise would be the better fit for us. We went with Teena’s recommendations and decided to switch to Oceania. We’re glad we did.


We sailed on Oceania Regatta in a B1 category veranda, #6053. It has the smallest bathroom we’ve ever had on a ship, storage is a bit lacking though we’ve managed, great balcony, extremely quiet and comfortable bed.

Stateroom on Oceania cruise ship bed in foreground and curtains closed

Some highlights of what we enjoyed most onboard the ship are no one was asking you to buy anything, there was no dressing up, free room service, and self-serve laundry, disembarkation at ports went very quickly due to the low number of passengers (around 600), having proper afternoon tea daily with entertainment and there’s no loud thumping music everywhere! If you want to have lobster every day you can at the buffet where items are cooked to order for you.


The ship handled my food allergies amazingly well. Every night at the cabin I would receive the menu for tomorrow and I returned it the next morning by 10 am, a lot better than receiving the menu at the table and having to order immediately as I do on other cruise lines.


The specialty restaurants are included and although you are given a set number to book with your reservation, you can go and speak to the specialty reservation desk and go as many times as you want, subject to availability. Most of the tables are sharing tables for 4 or 6 however they do have a few tables for 2.


In the cabin, your fridge is filled with complimentary soft drinks of your choice and you are given a reusable water bottle, with two large containers of water replenished twice a day in your cabin, as well there are water stations around the ship.

The entertainment team also acts as the activities staff so you really get to interact and know them well. The ship offers points cards for participating in activities such as indoor golf, trivia, scavenger hunt, fun fair, etc. You then trade in your points on the last day for merchandise. We only started on day 5 and we had 270 points enough for four shirts (2 long sleeves and 2 dry weave golf shirts).


The ship featured multiple guest lecturers (2-3 per day), had a fantastic library, a dedicated card room, cultural evening entertainment by local groups, native crafts (all materials and classes were free), and offered free embroidery kits as well.

Handmade jewellery and crafts laid out on a table
2 white golf shirts and 2 blue crew neck tees on a table

Drink prices weren’t unreasonable and they offer two happy hours a day. You receive wine/beer/champagne with lunch and dinner and there’s no issue bringing a glass of wine with you after any meal.


Some things that occurred on this sailing were they ran out of items, specifically wine and beer, and the guest entertainment was repetitive, although of a very high caliber. We did wonder if this could be due to it being a repositioning crossing from Tahiti to Los Angeles.


We took another cruise a few days after our Oceania cruise and this cemented the feeling that Oceania does indeed provide a better experience, both for food and a feeling of connection to fellow passengers and relaxation during the day since there is complete tranquility.

native dancers in pink wardrobe dancing on a stage on a ship

All in all we thoroughly enjoyed our cruise and booked another one while onboard. The whole feeling on Oceania is like being in the Retreat on Celebrity for example.  If you are looking for a more laid back quiet experience then we would definitely recommend giving Oceania a try.


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