Vacations for Canadians

You work hard all year for your vacation time so when it’s time to book a getaway, you want the vacation that is best suited to your needs. But what do you choose: a resort or cruise?

To help you decide whether a cruise or resort is what you want, here are the key differences between the two vacations.


For travellers who like to explore, there’s nothing better than a cruise vacation. This “floating resort” conveniently transports you to many unique destinations, allowing you to check off more opportunities from your bucket list, for less money.  Different excursions at each port of call enable you to sample diverse cultures, food and sights.

Cruises provide the best of both worlds: relaxation and exploring. On sea days, travellers can unwind from the busyness of port days or partake in some of the numerous activities happening around the ship.

Resort vacationers typically rarely venture beyond the resort walls. Days are spent sitting on the beach or at the pool with a drink and a good book in hand.

WINNER: Cruise


A typical seven-day cruise ship fare can range in price from $750 – $1,500 per person. Rooms with windows, balconies and suites cost extra.  You’re usually on your own for booking airfare and airport transfers. Unless part of a special promo, mainstream cruises charge extra for soft drinks and alcoholic beverages, gratuities, spa treatments and shore excursions.

Weekly all-inclusive resort packages, which cost an average of $1,000-$1,700 per person, include almost everything except for excursions and gratuities.

Overall, cruisers looking to get the most out of their vacation will likely spend more than a resort-goer.

WINNER: Resort


Both cruises and resorts are considered all-inclusive vacations. However, the included amenities offered by each differ drastically.

Mainstream cruise fares include everything from meals and snacks to onboard activities and entertainment to use of the ship’s facilities (pool, kid’s club, fitness centre, etc.).

Resort packages include accommodations, access to the resort’s non-motorized sports, nightly entertainment and meals. Unlike cruises, resort costs usually include beverages.

Winner: Resort


Cruise ships have a well-regarded reputation for their excellent food and high-class service. Choose from plenty of dining options ranging from fine dining to buffet style. Dietary restrictions are easily met on cruises and even the fussiest eaters have no problem finding satisfying food options.

Depending on the resort, the food choices offered may be less than satisfactory. Varied culinary tastes and dietary restrictions are harder to meet at a resort than a cruise.

Winner: Cruise

Entertainment & Children’s Activities

Although both cruises and resorts have kids’ clubs to keep the little ones entertained, cruises have more activities that appeal to teenagers. The entertainment on cruise ships is better, too. Some of the shows onboard are comparative to NYC’s Broadway!

Winner: Cruise


Ultimately, when choosing your next vacation, you should consider your needs and match them to the vacation type. For assistance with choosing the right vacation for you and your family, contact our agents today.