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~ By Melissa Erskine 


The allure of France has fascinated discerning travellers for centuries, with its rich combination of art, architecture, history and world-renowned gastronomy. 


Discover epicurean delights during culinary themed cruises sailing Bordeaux and the south of France; witness Monet’s enchanting residence and gardens in northern France and visit the moving Normandy memorial dedicated to those fallen in the D-Day landings. 


A river cruise is the perfect way to explore the culture, history and beauty of this incredible part of the world.

The Rhône and Saône Rivers

The Rhône is a beautiful, historic river that starts in Switzerland and flows into Southern France. It’s this route we follow on our Southern France river cruises.


Cutting a dramatic course through mountain ranges and winemaking regions, the Rhône is dotted with 16th-century castles and Roman ruins – offering an insight into the incredible past of this part of the world. The fortified city of Avignon is awash with historical intrigue, boasting the remnants of Celtic beginnings, Roman invasions and a 68-year period when the city was the centre of the Catholic Church. Many cities were built alongside the banks of the Rhône and it’s these cities you’ll be touring on your Southern France river cruise.


Flowing through the picturesque, vineyard-lined banks of France’s famed Burgundy wine region, the Saône River flows for 300 miles before meeting the Rhône at Lyon. Meandering through picturesque landscapes, the Saône flows gently toward the Rhône.

Seine River Cruises

France river cruises begin in Paris and run along the Seine River to the English Channel and Normandy.


The Seine River’s mouth starts in northeastern France and flows northwesterly through Paris and into the English Channel. Because of this useful connection, the Seine River has been fought over for thousands of years. Back in the Iron Age, the Celts were the first people to use the Seine River for personal gain, utilizing it for trade and transport. The Romans came next to rule the Seine, creating massive trade routes directly along the river. The City of Paris was built around the Seine and to this day, its Le Havre port is France’s largest international shipping port.

Garonne, Gironde and Dordogne Rivers

Embark on a leisurely Bordeaux river cruise along the Garonne and Dordogne rivers and the Gironde estuary transporting you into the heart of the Bordeaux region. Immerse yourself in French gastronomy as you take life one day, and one vineyard, at a time. Indulge your palate at châteaux and local markets and be treated to beautiful scenery. Visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites, wander cobblestone streets and cycle the back roads of Bordeaux on a French river cruise.

Awaken your senses in the renowned World Heritage-listed region of Bordeaux, considered the home of some of the world’s finest wines; visit Lyon, considered the culinary capital of France; or soak up the culture, art and romance long associated with Paris. France River cruises have navy options to fit everyone’s interests. Your Vacations for Canadians River Cruise expert will assist in finding you the best one.