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Seven Reasons Why We Appreciate Travel Advisors

7 Reasons why we appreciate travel advisors

The travel industry is on the rebound as it continues to recover from COVID-19 with restrictions lifting across the world. While it’s easy to think of travel advisors as one of the many factors that have contributed to this started recovery, they are actually driving the industry’s growth on an upward trajectory. Here are seven reasons why we appreciate travel advisors and all the hard work they do for the travel industry.

In fact, a recent industry report found that travel advisors play an important role in driving new business for cruise lines and tour operators, as well as helping them retain existing customers looking to travel the world after the pandemic.

Travel advisors are an integral part of the travel industry. These professionals help both consumers and businesses make the most of their experiences, and they have a lot to offer with their passion and knowledge in their industry.

They are an essential part of driving the travel industry’s recovery. The travel industry is in the midst of recovery after a long and arduous closure during the pandemic. Travel advisors are a big part of what is driving the travel industry’s road to recovery as we get closer to fewer restrictions. When they are successful, so is the travel industry as a whole. The Travel Institute estimates that travel advisor sales will increase by 7% this year—and that means more opportunities to travel the world for eager travellers around the world!

Travel Advisors are integral to the airline, hotel, and cruise industry’s continuing growth. Airlines are increasing flights and adding new routes as they see an uptick in bookings from their customers—and they need travel advisors to help sell those seats. And with that cruise lines are increasing their number of cruises due to increased demand, and the lifting of pandemic restrictions. Hotels, Cruise Lines, and airlines need travel advisors to help sell tickets and hotel rooms. Cruise operators are increasingly looking to travel advisors as to their best chance of finding new customers who might otherwise not have considered a cruise vacation before. Travel advisors have relationships with their clients that enable them to make those connections happen, which means more business for everyone involved. 

Advisors have a unique opportunity to help consumers make informed decisions about their travel plans. Advisors help travellers make informed decisions about where they want to go, when they want to go, and how they will get there and back safely and comfortably without having to do all of their own research first. This can be especially helpful for people who don’t know much about different destinations or how to get around once they arrive at their destination (or even what kind of clothes pack well for long trips). Instead of trying to figure out everything on their own from scratch when planning, Travel Agents offer the expertise and knowledge to help make their clients feel like they are getting the most out of their trip!

Travel agents offer a level of connection that booking websites don’t offer. Travel advisors work closely with their clients to develop customised itineraries that meet their needs and exceed their expectations. Agents often have access to exclusive discounts and promotions that aren’t available through other channels. Those avenues can help travellers save money by finding deals on flights, hotels or other services directly from them. Instead of having to go through third parties which may not always offer the best prices for those services. Many of their clients are repeat customers who have had one incredible trip after another and in many cases will refer friends and family to their favourite agents. It’s a friendly and knowledgeable travel agent that can offer you a one of a kind trip within whatever budget you have!

Advisors help travellers get more out of their experiences by providing personalised guidance, expertise, and advice. Advisors take the time to research their field with some agents taking the trips themselves. Their goal is to experience and understand the destinations, cruises, and hotels they want to offer their clients. Their devotion to their field is what makes them an integral part of the travel industry. They have a better understanding of their clients’ needs than any other group within their industry, making them extremely valuable when it comes to creating new product offers and destinations that meet the needs of their avid travellers.

Many worked without compensation during the pandemic and adapted during an uncertain time. This shows the kind of dedication and knowledge these agents had to keep positive in the face of the unknown. Advisors worked with clients to get home, cancel plans or track refunds without being paid for all their hard work. Their optimism for their clients and suppliers while planning for the future is what has helped many people find a sense of hopefulness in a dark time. With the lifting of restrictions, travel will be on the top of everyone’s minds to celebrate, see family or experience the world with a different mindset. It’s all thanks to agents to find the dream trip of a lifetime for those who had cancelled trips, or who now have a passion to travel and explore the world.

Most importantly, travel advisors simply love what they do. Many agents are avid travellers who want to share their experiences with other like minded travellers. Their passion for travel and the beauty of this world is what makes this industry filled with adventurous people. Many travel agents go above and beyond when helping customers plan their vacations. That passion translates to dream vacations for clients whether it’s a small vacation, a cruise around the world, or an all-inclusive vacation to a faraway island. Travel agents are ready to offer their knowledge and give their clients the trip of a lifetime, whether it’s a last-minute trip or a bucket list agents are there to book your vacation! 

This unique profession is essential to cruise line revenue and is aiding in the turnaround of the overall travel industry. Travel advisors play a major role in the travel industry. They help to bring customers back to a market facing major economic challenges. They are instrumental in helping the cruise, hotel and airline industry reach new heights. And with their important role, the industry is only too happy to return the support. After all, a strong network of travel agents means a strong travel industry and all of the benefits it brings to an economy and society as a whole.Travel advisors are contributing to the continued growth of the travel industry and their relentless dedication, focus on innovation and striving for success represents the epitome of the motivations and aspirations of today’s successful travel professionals. That’s why we are proud of our travel agents and the industry we are in. 

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