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The Bahamas is a popular destination for holidaymakers with gorgeous beaches, including white sand beaches with clear water to more unique stretches of coastline with pink or black sand. 


As your seaplane descends, you will be excited to discover fresh coconut-blended cocktails, ocean and blue hole swims and exotic pink flamingo sightings. 


The climate in the Bahamas is warm and balmy, with friendly and laid-back locals. When it comes to luxury, the Bahamas turns on the charm chic boutiques, fancy spas and fine dining restaurants with ocean views. The Bahamas is the ultimate tropical getaway!

There are over 700 islands 

You’ll find that there are over 700 islands in the Bahamas, with the majority of them being uninhabited. However, there are a few that have resorts and hotels on them. The main island is called New Providence and the capital is Nassau. In addition, many other smaller islands offer tourists some beautiful secluded beaches that they can visit to get away from it all and spend more time in nature. You can see many different kinds of birds, fish, mammals, reptiles and plants, all in their natural habitat. 


Don’t miss Pig Island, where wild pigs roam around the sandy shores. They are cared for by the locals and tourists who love the unusual sight of pigs on the beach. 

Hiking in the Bahamas

The Bahamas is a very beautiful place, and the best way to see its natural beauty is by hiking. Many trails can be found all over the islands. One of the most popular places for hiking in Nassau is near Black Point, which has some great views and historical sites like Fort Fincastle, fortified walls used by pirates back in the day. With a pretty lighthouse, it’s a place worth visiting in the Bahamas. 

Snorkeling in the Bahamas

For those who enjoy water sports, the Bahamas is a paradise on earth. The beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world and there are many opportunities for snorkeling, scuba diving and other exciting activities.


You will find coral reefs just offshore from many of the islands with colorful fish swimming by as you snorkel along these reefs. If you prefer diving rather than snorkeling, you must take the chance to dive in this exotic location. Coral reefs are home to thousands of species of fish and other animals and its common to see sharks, whales, dolphins and sea turtles. 

Boat Trips in the Bahamas

Island hopping is a must in the Bahamas. Speed boats can reach isolated areas that larger boats can’t access, while private charters are fantastic for taking the party to sea with the freedom to go wherever you please. 


History and culture in the Bahamas

There is no shortage of history and culture for visitors to the Bahamas. Catch a Junkanoo festival, take photos of the street murals in Nassau or try a traditional cooking class. Grab your local souvenirs, roam around the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas and take personalized tours if you appreciate learning about the history and culture of a place. 

As you can tell the Bahamas is one of the best Caribbean islands with something for everyone! Reach out to our Travel Agents to book your next Bahamas Vacation!