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Beautiful ships, limitless destinations and plentiful food choices: does it get any better than a cruising holiday?

While mainstream cruise lines are amazing experiences, premium or river cruise lines are a whole other level of luxury. Here’s why you should try a premium or river cruise for your next vacation.

The Advantages of a Premium Cruise Line

Besides the typical amenities found on mainstream cruise lines including spas, pools, multiple restaurants and children’s programs, premium cruise lines offer additional upscale features. Gourmet cuisine, a premium concierge service and additional guest space provide exceptional vacation experiences. Oftentimes, alcoholic beverages, specialty restaurants, internet service and shuttle service to port cities are included in premium cruise ship fares.

Because a premium cruise line has smaller ship sizes (with passenger counts ranging from 250-1,000), more unique ports can be accessed.

The Advantages of a River Cruise Line

From the moment you step onboard a river cruise ship, prepare for an intimate experience. Featuring an average of fewer than 200 passengers, river cruises are small ships comprised of only a few floors. By the end of a river cruise, most passengers know each other.

The ships’ small sizes provide them with the ability to reach ports inside cities rather than only on the outskirts. Cruising along calm rivers instead of large oceans creates less motion and is better for passengers who are prone to seasickness.

Being located so close to the inner parts of cities means that many river cruise itineraries do not include days strictly for sailing. In fact, some itineraries even include two ports per day! The entire time while sailing, enjoy spectacular views such as castles and locks – not vast amounts of water.

Typically, all costs are included in your river cruise fare; even shore excursions, laundry service and specialty/alcoholic drinks.

Similarities Between Premium and River Cruises

Although river and premium cruises have their differences, the two cruise lines share many similarities, too.

Passengers on both cruises normally enjoy an adults-only environment featuring a low staff-to-guest ratio. Most rooms either have balconies or are suites. Due to the smaller number of guests, there’s usually no waiting in lines around the ship.

A lack of high-pressure sales to upgrade, photographers and art auctions create a more casual environment onboard. Both types of cruises offer amazing dining options and food selection.

Even with all of the extra benefits that river and premium cruises offer, they’re not as expensive as you may think.


Choosing the Cruise Line That’s Best for You

Whether you choose a river cruise or a premium cruise, a world of opportunity awaits you. To learn more about the advantages of taking a premium or river cruise, contact our travel agency. Our agents’ firsthand knowledge of the cruises we sell will help you decide on the most suitable cruise for you.