Vacations for Canadians

At any one time, approximately one million people are in an airplane – with many of them on their way to vacation.

Choosing a vacation destination is a task on its own. Although the internet can be helpful with some of the preliminary research, nothing beats the assistance of a qualified travel agent.


Here’s why you should use a travel agent to book your next holiday.

They Save You Money

A common misconception is that using a travel agent will be more expensive than booking a trip yourself.

In fact, a travel agent can often get you more value for your money. Many cruise lines and resorts reward travel agencies for their business by providing them with perks to share with you. Combine that with a travel agent’s insider access to the best deals and hiring one for the cost-savings alone is a no-brainer.

Once you book your vacation, a travel agent can monitor price drops for you too – taking one more task off of your to-do list!

For weeks, months and even years after you return home, you’ll be able to reminisce about the incredible and unique moments you all experienced together.

They Are Accessible

Your travel agent is a real person who you can conveniently reach if you need help. If things go wrong while you’re in a foreign country, it’s nice to know that you won’t have to use a difficult-to-navigate customer service centre.


Whether you need extra assistance getting to your destination or a speedy exit out of it, your travel agent will act as your advocate.

They Save You Stress and Time

It can quickly become overwhelming to make vacation plans if you’re an inexperienced traveller. It’s easy to get lost on a Google search, resulting in a poor decision on a vacation destination. 


Booking travel is no longer as simple as going online to reserve a trip. Suppliers, including airlines, hotels, cruise lines, etc., all have specific terms and conditions. There are complicated transit and exit/entry requirements for COVID-19. The right travel insurance has also never been more important. This all means that more research and planning is required before you travel and your travel agent will do all the legwork for you. 


As travel experts, travel agents have extensive knowledge about destinations, helping you streamline the trip planning process. They are the professionals when it comes to the newest cruise ships, theme park offerings and resort destinations.


If they haven’t experienced your travel destination themselves, they likely know someone who has. As a result, your questions and concerns can be answered quickly and knowledgeably.

They Have Personalized Travel Experience

Unlike the internet, travel agents get to know you and can make personalized trip suggestions for you. They do as much as they can to ensure you’re satisfied and happy with your vacation choice.

At our agency, our team has firsthand experience with many vacation destinations. From cruises to theme parks to all-inclusive vacations, we have years of travel experience between us. No matter the type of vacation you’re looking for, we have someone who can provide you with insider tips!


Contact us for a quote and see for yourself what sets us apart from other travel agencies!