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Cruise Essentials - five must-have items to bring with you on a cruise:

Setting sail on a cruise adventure? Make sure you are well-prepared for a seamless and enjoyable journey with these essential items in your luggage. Here are five must-have items to bring with you on a cruise:

1. Travel Documents: Keep all your travel documents, including your passport, cruise tickets, insurance documents and any required visas, in a secure and easily accessible travel wallet. Don’t forget to make copies of important documents and store them separately as a backup. Be sure to download the cruise line app which depending on the cruise line will feature access to scanning your passport, choosing an arrival time, and uploading your proof of vaccination. Safety briefings as well as all safety information may be included on the app. You’ll will also be able to see daily activity schedules, restaurant menus, excursion details and more.

2. Sunscreen and Sunglasses: Protect yourself from the sun’s rays while lounging on deck or exploring sunny ports of call. Pack a high SPF sunscreen to shield your skin and a stylish pair of sunglasses to keep your eyes comfortable and safe. Sun protection important not just on sunny days, but every day — even cloudy ones (but hopefully you won’t have those on your vacation!)

3. Comfortable Footwear: Whether you’re enjoy a stroll along the promenade deck, exploring cobblestone streets in port, or dancing the night away, comfortable footwear is a must. Choose a mix of casual sandals, walking shoes, and dressier options for different activities on board and on land. 

photo of people lounging on cruise deck chairs, with a woman resting a coffee mug on the arm of her chair in the foreground, gradually going out of focus

4. Swimwear and Cover-ups: Make a splash in the pool, relax on the beach, or enjoy a soak in the hot tub with stylish swimwear and cover-ups. Pack a few options to suit different activities and settings and be sure that one is in your carry-on as you may board the ship early in the day, but your luggage may not be delivered to your room until later in the day. 

photo of couple in a hot tub on a cruise ship having a glass of champagne at sunset

5. Day Bag or Tote: A lightweight day bag or tote is essential for carrying your essentials during shore excursions and exploring ports of call. Opt for a bag that is spacious, durable, and easy to carry, with compartments to keep your belongings organized on the go. Bonus points if it is waterproof.

photo of a woman happily walking down a pier with a cruise ship docked in the background

By packing these essential items for your cruise adventure, you’ll be ready to set sail with confidence and enjoy a smooth journey from embarkation to disembarkation. Bon voyage!


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