Vacations for Canadians

Why Cruising with a Travel Agent is A Voyage Worth Sailing!

Just think about it. Would you hire someone to fix your plumbing who didn’t have a license? Probably not. So why would you trust your precious vacation, the one you’ve been daydreaming about amidst the flurry of daily life, in the hands of someone who’s not TICO certified?  


TICO certification means that we’ve had our metaphorical ‘travel wings’ tested. Like a seal of approval, it’s proof that we are not only trustworthy, but we’ve also have all the knowledge to ensure your vacation isn’t just a trip, it’s an adventure of a lifetime. 


While it might feel great to conquer the wild wilderness of the internet on your own, the risk of stumbling on a less-than-stellar experience is real. 


So, choosing a TICO-certified agent like the team at Vacations for Canadians, is like choosing a trusted travel guide who has navigated the terrains unknown before!

Plus there are added benefits like…

Destination Expertise

Like a trusty compass, our team here at Vacations for Canadians navigates the vast ocean of travel choices. We go beyond the guidebook, with firsthand experience and expertise about the destinations and cruises we offer. That dream cruise you’ve been considering….we’re here to help!

Cost Savings

Imagine having that extra key lime pie slice at that breezy beach-side café – all while saving on your travel expenses. Yes, you heard it right! We search for the best deals and exclusive offers which means you get more bang for your loonie!

Let us help your plan your dream cruise. Contact us today!